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Employment Law Advice Service

We firmly believe in prioritising prevention over cure. Many of our most successful clients have never had to defend employment-related cases because they seek and follow our advice in relation to potential or emerging problems over the telephone, by e-mail or at meetings. Why run the risk of losing an unfair dismissals case or having an injunction awarded against you because of imperfections in the procedures that you are following when a five or ten minute telephone call with one of our team can ensure that those procedures are flawless? Why risk being sued for bullying and harassment when a quick e-mail to us can result in your having a road-map for dealing with the problem on your desktop later that day? Our client invariably find that this preventative approach saves them time, trouble and expense. While that ‘phone call might cost you €50, it may well prevent a claim costing €50,000.

If you need advice on an employment law issue, please contact any one of our team on +353 53 92 38000 or at info@advokat.ie
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